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No, Marble is a 100% natural product and every slab has its own unique quality and characteristic. You think of marble the same way you think of a snowflake, no two slabs of marble are identical.

With this being said, any sample you choose to use for wall , it will look the way you imagined after it has been installed. It will have the same colour, unique line of motion, and pattern.

We will first discuss your colours, styles, edge, profiles with you. After these selections have been finalized, we offer you reasonable price, you send us deposit after signing contract. We arrange to cut stone and polish, we pack it after finishing processing, this period is 4 weeks. On the continus order, it is finished in 2 weeks. On ocean, it takes 25 days to 35 days.

we are a producer and also a trader, use automatic grinding machine or flexible polishing pad, to get different edge style, with the drilling machine, the small holes are easily to be cut, workers use Electric Hand Grinder Machine, any shape of the undercounter can be made. With above tools, we can meet your any demand.

We discuss on email, after you finalize your order, we arrange production. if you trust us more, we will check quality before packing. we send you photos and viedo , report you everything while it is producing . Once there is damage after you receive crates, if it is our reason, we will compensate you as per as contract.